Blacklist International's Winning Streak Against Talon Esports in SEA DPC Continues
CRYPTO GAME ONLINE Esport Blacklist International’s Winning Streak Against Talon Esports in SEA DPC Continues

Blacklist International’s Winning Streak Against Talon Esports in SEA DPC Continues

Blacklist International's Winning Streak Against Talon Esports in SEA DPC Continues

Blacklist International victory over Talon Esports in the most recent Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit (SEA DPC) season. It allows them to maintain their unbeaten record. The club is currently ranked first in Division 1 and is unbeaten in league play. It appears on track to qualify for the forthcoming Lima Major in Peru.

During the offseason, Blacklist International purchased RSG’s spot in the DPC and created their first Dota 2 lineup. Dota 2 famous eSports players, including Marc “Raven” Faust and Timothy “TIMS” Randrup.

Blacklist International versus Talon Esports: Recap and noteworthy points

Blacklist International is tied for second place in league with Bleed Esports and Geek Slate. The ranking is based on Week One of the SEA DPC with two victories.

On the other hand, Talon Esports are presently fifth in the standings after beating BOOM Esports and losing to Execration. A victory versus Blacklist International might put the group in contention for a seat at the Lima Major.

Match One

Blacklist International was on the offensive in the early game, with the combination of Marc “Raven” Fausto’s Lina and Carl “Kuku” Palad’s Broodmother knocking off Talon Esports’ heroes one-by-one.

With a victorious team fight near the Roshan pit, Talon Esports was able to reverse the tide as the game progressed. While Blacklist International attempted to stall the game so its primary heroes could achieve their item timings, Nuengnara “23savage,” Teeramahanon’s Spectre, went on a killing rampage by exploiting his Haunt ability to perfection.

Game One of the best-of-three series concluded after 41 minutes, with Talon Esports winning the first victory.

Match Two

Blacklist International went all-in on an aggressive draft by selecting Lifestealer, Ember Spirit, and Broodmother. Still, Talon Esports continued to rely on 23savage’s Spectre after his success in Game One.

Blacklist International aggressively dominated the map with the mobility of Raven’s Lifestealer and Karl “Karl” Baldovino’s Ember Spirit, to the detriment of Talon Esports.

Talon Esports was forced to play defensively for the remainder of the game, as they only captured one tower. At the same time, Blacklist International struck the game-winning blow after 37 minutes, bringing the series to a one-game decider.

Match Three

Now that the series was knotted, both teams vied for victory over the other. A victory may put them in the running for a Major League position. Talon Esports selected Doom for 23savage and Pangolier for Rafli “Mikoto” Rahman, while Blacklist International reverted to Lina as its hero.

The early game was even as both teams traded kills and objectives. Still, the team gradually gained the upper hand in the middle game because of outstanding performances from Timothy “TIMS” Randrup’s Clockwerk, Karl’s Primal Beast, and Raven’s Lina.

Talon Esports turned the tide in the late game as Blacklist International could not close out the game at 60 minutes. However, after 1 hour and 7 minutes, they delivered the crucial strike in a team fight at the Roshan pit.

The team is now in first place in Division I of the regional league after this match. However, due to the team’s three victories against Fnatic, Talon, and Bleed Esports, many community members have already pegged the company as a major competitor. On January 20th, their next opponent will be Execration, who are also currently unbeaten in the regional league.

Talon Esports must avoid further setbacks if it intends to remain in contention for a Major slot after the Winter Tour.

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